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About Us

Imp2know.co welcomes you, it is one of the most popular websites in India based on education and technology blogs. The purpose of this website is to educate people and connect them with technology.

When we started this blog we found that all education and technology blogs are in the high level English language. It is therefore difficult for our students to read and understand and they are facing such big problems. We therefore want to do something by which we will solve their problems. And I’m also an engineer so I started writing blogs by adding some educational and technical knowledge. As if Imp2know.co has begun.

From the outset in Imp2know.co, we want to introduce all the complex educational and technical subjects into an easy language by which even a normal person can understand it.

My readers also asked me to write articles on some other topics. So here you will see different articles of different categories with our educational and technical articles.

We are presenting in our articles the facts of all the technologies that need to be known in this world. Generally, we are covering the latest news, technical articles, software reviews, full forms, dictionaries and guides which are linked to education or technical fields.

The importance of Imp2know is that all articles are thoroughly researched and detailed. That’s why readers won’t have to go to any other website for it and you’ll ask your questions in the comments.

We are updating articles at regular intervals because no content is outdated. We have a great team of content writers, technical geeks and experts who are always writing quality content for a better user experience.

Establishment – 11 Jul 2020

Employee:- 2

Email- pushppulkit@gmail.com